Saturday, October 3, 2009

Podcast Week 10!

Victor dresses like the Tin Man for Halloween; Colleen meets her maker; and Adam plays music babies.

We have also announced our FIRST CONTEST! Listen to this week's podcast and get the details on how to win a SWEET "The Young & the Restless" cookbook! I already own my own copy! DO YOU?!

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 10


Aaron said...

You guys are hillarious. I started listening to the podcasts a few weeks ago and I had to go back and download all of the passt podcasts because I was hooked. Keep up the great work.

By the way, do you think Patty is off the show now? I need my Crazy Patty fix. Not to mention her wonderful costar Kitty (and Kitty kitty).


The Soap Girl said...

Nope! I've read that everyone loves her so much, they are probably going to figure out a way to keep her around (and possibly Kitty Kitty, as well). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, what a trooper... thanks for stepping up and giving it your all... it showed a lot of "heart" (do you have an extra one for the black knight)... am still laughing about the Paul/Don Draper comparison... Paul in a nice fedora... too much... my kitty loved all the talk about the lactating... can't wait for the next podcast to "ooze" out.

Chicago, IL

Mrs. Deacon said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a new watcher to Y&R and LOVE IT! And your podcast is the best!!

I have to say my favorite character is Kitty!! :-)

And Billy. I heart Billy. Where has Chloe been lately??

Hughson, CA

The Soap Girl said...

Yeah I want to see more Chloe, too! Her outfits are the best. Thanks for listening!

Bridget said...

I've been watching Y&R since Paul gave Nicki VD. That'll date me. Not just the story line, but calling it "VD!"

I love your podcast. I really appreciate that you watch the Scooby Gang so I can fast forward.

I love Kitty, too!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are great! Now I don't have to worry about not being able to watch the episodes because the are ridiculous now after watching this weeks on TV... The whole painting thing is getting really old- they need to finish that! The heart switch was great, but doesn't make a difference since Victor will never have a chance to use Colleen's heart (I think Colleen's heart was tooo weak for Victor lol) The baby swap... another one-come on let's have something new Y&R (they better not drag this one out too)
I really enjoy listening because ya'll not only say what's happening but recap things in the past to remind us why or because we are too young to know that lol... I have been watching since I was a teen and now that you two have stood up to become the techno savvy genius- goodbye cbs daytime! I see a lot of people like Patty, personally I don't and KITTY KITTY is gone-thank goodness! Patty is too wacko for me lol- she injured VICTOR! She needs to goo!
Keep up the good worked gals!
Skye in Port Barre, LA

The Soap Girl said...

Yeah we are SO tired of the whole painting thing, too! I guess they had to have SOME kind of reason for bringing Deacon back, but let's move on already!

Is it wrong that I've been craving a Harvest Festival all week now? I think Amanda and I should go bob for apples.

Andrea said...

Loved this week's blog. Thanks for taking your time so that I can listen to what's going on in Y & R while I'm at work!

Here kitty kitty!


Mike said...

Have you guys seen the True Soap Story made with the Y&R cast with Mr. Kitty. If you haven't seen it, do a search on Mister Kitty True Soap Story. It's pretty awesome.

As is your podcast. I just discovered it, after coming back to Y&R again after an on-again, off-again relationship that started in utero. (I was born in '74 and my mom was a new bride in a new town right about the time the show started.) I really appreciate how, unlike so many people who write/blog/talk about the soaps, you focus on updates and the positive rather than on the negative. I know that this might just be because other shows that used to be awesome now suck *cough*General Hospital*cough* but I really wonder sometimes why other people spend so much time watching soaps when they seem to hate them so much.

Chicago, IL

(Also, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty)

Mike said...

Oh I meant to add another thing (I don't mean it as trying to enter twice)

Now that it's been established that Patty came back with a stolen face (I'm guessing her psychiatrist, who, since she didn't help Patty very much, could, at least give up her face; it's cheaper than the malpractice suit the Williams family could have gone for) -- do you think Patty's double has a Mr. Kitty doppleganger?

Yeah, probably not.

The Soap Girl said...

AH! Mr. Kitty doppleganger! I love it!

I've also wondered why people watch when they rag on the show so much. Sometimes the comments people write under the video on CBS are BEYOND stupid. They say things like, "Don't you want Sharon to be happy?! She's been victimized for years and you just keep ruining her life!" It's like, HEL-LO! this is a TV SHOW.

(Granted, I wish my life would be whisked away to a real life version of Genoa City)

Anonymous said...

Emmy Nominations 2010:
Kitty- Best Actress
Kitty-Kitty- Best Supporting Actress

Keep up the good work!I luv listening to you ladies, you say exactly what im thinking!

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

LOVE your podcast! Just found it a few days ago and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. You ladies crack me up! It's nice to listen to someone else poke fun @ the show sometimes - usually it's just me and my kitty watching. Hubby's doing other things... :o) Looking forward to the next one!

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