Sunday, November 8, 2009

Victors heart keeps ticking; Lily can't get a break; and Chance gets knifed!

We're back from Non-Vacation!

Mucho thanks again to all who listen and comment! We love your thoughts!!


Anonymous said...

I'm untying my Ipod "tourniquet" as I type. Fix was long overdue. Thanks. My (short term) Y&R 'bucket list':
- Dr. Peterson is actually Patty. She did a "Vulcan mind meld" to convert the real doc into MJ/Patty.
- (From CBS chat room) understand Mac is a lesbian in real life (also daughter of Cybill Shepherd). Let's bring her out of the "closet" with Chloe who is waiting for a "Chance" meeting.
-Adam and Sharon beat 'Mac, Lilly and Kane' to the "preggers pillow" and have a son named 'Salochin' (Nicholas spelled backward).
-Billy, trying for more 'headline grabbing news', does an expose called "Pick a Wrinkle" on seniors sex lives using pix of Murph and Ms. C. Restless Styles goes flaccid and folds shorly after.
-'Big Hands' Chance is actually shot in his "peacemaker". He gets a translplant changing it into a "piecemaker."
Great to have you back.... Evetz

The Soap Girl said...

Hmmm I love Cybil Shepard. Suddenly I have more of an interest in Mac...but yes, "Chance" meeting should totally occur.

I love your Patty idea! That makes PURR-FECT sense. Should that be true, you should win a cameo on the show where you can suggest Salochin to Sharon and Adam.

Anonymous said...

Love the cameo idea... have my character already picked out... I will be Douglass jr. (Douglass was on Victor's retrospective). Look for me with an ascot or "dickie" and botched English accent. Your interest in Mac because of Cybill or.....?
Amanda, Devon is now using both names on credits. He feared your wrath! Evetz

The Soap Girl said...

No, my preoccupations all lie in Deacon having sex with as many women (the hot ones, at least) as possible. Phyllis wants it so bad!

Mike said...

On her not-date with Jack, Dr. P is actually creepier than Patti. But then Patti and Paul sing in the padded room, and I remembered who the crazy one was. Freaky. And then het threats. Chilling. Dr. P is so going to get her identity stolen.

What was with Billy invoking God in regards to Mac and him getting back together? When you don't marry your high school sweetheart because you think you're cousins but then it turns out you aren't... even as a believer, I'm just not sure the Lord was involved with that fiasco.

Daniel and Amber's wedding was kind of cute (I'm a week behind on the TiVo). I hope Katherine does everyone's wedding from now on. If they ever pass gay marriage in wisconsin (and I can go onto a fictional universe), she's totally marrying my boyfriend and me. Hopefully Deacon will perform at our bachelor party.

The Soap Girl said...

Whoa I totally read your comment wrong. For a second, I thought you meant that you wanted a 3-way marriage of you, your bf, and Mrs. C... whoops!

Yes, Deacon in just a bowtie...yes...yes...

Anonymous said...

Watching this Friday's Y&R.

Do they seriously think we are going to buy Nick as the new Victor?

Any businessman that uses the word "sweet" when talking to a potential business partner (as he did when he was on the phone with Jack) is a complete moron.

Love the podcast guys! Hope there will be a new one SOON.

Do you guys watch any other soaps?


Adam said...

1. It seems that everytime that Phyllis feels threatened, she goes for the smackdown. She's been busy these last couple weeks going after Patty, Dr. Emily, Deacon, and the Big Kamehameha Smackdown with Patty again.
2. Speaking of Dr. Emily, Jack is totally creepy in his pursuit of her. It's like he feels he's got a do-over with the same face. Also: assuming you get around the implausibility that you can make someone look exactly like another purely via plastic surgery, how convenient that Patty and Dr. Emily have the SAME FIGURE. I just think they need to give the doctor some hips or a bigger butt or bust or something...
3. And Billy...acted like a dick! I wonder if the actor is portraying him as a cokehead or something, he's always swiping his nose when he's mad.

The Soap Girl said...

We just recorded a podcast last night - I'm uploading it when I get home from work!

Billy DOES wipe his nose a lot...I guess I never noticed...very interesting...

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