Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daniel proves that lifting weights and girlie shirts don't mix; Phyllis goes dumpster diving; and Billy rocks the jail jumpsuit

The Young and the Restless Recap: Week 16

We'll post a special Y&R Recap Holiday Edition this week for the Best and Worst of 2009! Make sure to check back to add your own best/worst of the year opinions!


Anonymous said...

Santa sez sit on my lap... and tell me what you 'need' for Christmas...
Daniel -> something in a mauve jumpsusit... dropseat included.
Deacon -> letter writing campaign... I want to stay... Amber if only you could write.
Billy-> forget the mag... I wanna jail... where I can lick my knuckles and publish the prison newspaper.
Jill-> carton of V. Slims, a pint... no make it a fifth of bourbon and a(ny) man... multiply this by 365... lastly, a GPS finding on Larry Warden.
Sharon-> new sex signal CD (anyone using Ravel's Bolero?)
Nick-> any 'Third Eye Blind' CD.
Amanda-> pushbroom with long, long, long, extension handle.
Lindsay-> book on landfills/dumps of the world... including various codes, ordinances for each.

Christmas miracle -> Adam's sight returns as the result of Nick's suckah punch.

Love, peace and soooouuuuuuuuuul train... er sorry... love and peace.


The Soap Girl said...

Oh man...I'm laughing too hard...Third Eye Blind CD...that's too good!!

Check back for our holiday podcast (gonna upload it tomorrow) - I think we do a little name dropping, Evetz.

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