Saturday, February 27, 2010

Podcast Week 21

Lily ditches the hats; Everyone loves the new "Dr. P" than the original; and Jana is kidnapped! A light week...

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Anonymous said...

Listening to the 'casts has inspired me. I've submitted the following storylines to CBS. Waitin to hear back.
> Jana is actually hidden at the GC SeaWorld. She bonds with the Orcas, becomes a trainer and then disappears. (I know, I know farfetched but what the heck.)
>David Hasselhoff returns as Snapper Foster and joins with Danny Romalotti and JT Hellstrom to form a coffehouse trio. They'll be in every scene at Crimson Lights. Givin advice and hittin on chicks between sets.
>Paul admits himself into rehab in the new Patty Williams wing of the GC nuthouse. Paul becomes addicted to Goobers, popcorn and The Three Stooges.
>The portrait of Dr. P talks to Patty, but in the voice of Daddy John Abbott telling her to "check with Maimee" when she becomes confused.
>Dr. P becomes a human koo koo clock. She pops up every hour humming Nadia's theme. Tucker McCall purchases her and puts her in his office.
>Lily and Mac start a new charity called "Wigs for Rich People." Devon is the spokesperson and wears a different wig on every show.

Well whaddya think? Everybody needs to start somewhere.


Amanda said...

Love it! Except I really think Jana is being kept in the old LOST set, and as soon as she figured out how to get a Fish-er biscuit, she'll be allowed to join the Dharma Initiative, working with Miles as the resident "I talk to dead people" specialist.

The Soap Girl said...

Wigs for Rich People. Niiiiice. Can we also include the Newmans' favorite charity: "Organ Donation for the Super Rich and Powerful Who Get Injured Through Manically Manipulating Others' Lives"? I know it's a long name - they are working with PR to make it more concise.

Adam said...

Popcorn with raisinets have rearranged my taste buds. I will never be the same. This is all Tricia Cast's fault. Advise for anyone who tries it at home: let the popcorn cool first or you will have very sticky fingers from the melted chocolate.