Sunday, March 28, 2010

Podcast Week 22

The entire town kidnaps Adam; Tucker consoles Ashley; and Faith needs to buy two Mother's Day gifts.

Due to Amanda's heinous plague-like illness, we decided to break up our latest podcast into two separate episodes based on storyline. Make sure you catch up on EVERYTHING by listening to Podcast Week 22.5! Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

While you were gone I got into some "deep"... stuff. Following is a draft of the "Y&R Viewers Bill of Rights". We the viewer demand the following:
1) At least one character must possess an average IQ or within touching distance of the obvious (this cannot be Paul for obvious reasons).
2) A modicum of civility - no more barging into people's homes, bedrooms, offices etc. Every door must have a knocker on it (a "set of knockers" is always welcome to the male viewers especially.)
3) The right, once a year, for the viewers to vote off a character, actor, overdone clothing item (i.e. Lily's cancer Rasta hats now being worn by Delia and Faith) or story line (see Lily above).
4) Enough with the ghosts! Most people live their entire lives with Casper being he only ghost they ever see!
5) Our characters must know CPR. Pumping someones chest like you're inflating a bike tire is not good enough. (Besides who wouldn't want to see Victor and Adam in a lip lock!)
6) Each character can only marry three times (no Victor exemptions either for marrying the same person more than once). This places no restrictions on "random doing the nasty" with other characters unless it involves Murph.
7) Only one plane crash per year - and no survivors. Plane crashes kill people on board - all of them!
8) Lastly, only one nut job at a time - more than one and it's too much like real life.

Welcome back... you were missed...


The Soap Girl said...

I must amend rule number 9. I love plane crashes. Let's have MORE!

debisydney said...

Hey Guys!!
You were missed!! Glad you're back-cough & all
Question-heard you mention that Mac has started wearing the "maternity pillow?"
I thought I read she is actually pregnant?
Can you find out the scoop??

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