Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 23

The Masquerade Ball ends with a BANG! and it's official: Chance is a MAN.

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Adam said...

Let the "Who Killed Adam" theories BEGIN! I vote for Ashley because 1) She polled half the town whether or not it was a good thing Adam was dead and 2) She's gotten away with it before when she killed Terrible Tom (And John Abbott covered for her)

The Soap Girl said...

I'm still asserting that Adam isn't dead and that it's a set-up to frame someone (possibly Jack & Victor together?).

And who is the dead guy? hopefully that terrible bald immigration agent that didn't know how to properly hold a gun.

Anonymous said...

"Hurry Watson the games afoot!" So let's use deduction to figger this out shall we.
Billy - sex... or murder, sex... or murder. 'Nuff said.
Icky Vicky - see Billy above.
Veetor - who would he have left to "back slap" (by way writers, I believe it's back hand).
Nick - would not be allowed to wear his sweater vests with the orange jumpers.
Killis... er Phyllis - she'd like nothing better than to go flying down a steep ramp on her "wheelie" chair and stick her caste ... but we've seen her operate the thing at the soiree... don't think so.
Paul - puhleeeeese.
Ashley - she's got the genes for it... and I'm liking the JA kerchief in the mouth... but really... now if it were Abbey???
Jack - see Paul.
Leaving me with - the Devine Miss P... or Dr. Abbot... don't mess with her man and never, ever mess with Kitty Kitty... the kitty sounds under the covers... TOO MUCH!!!

Watson cased solved... bring me my pipe, cocaine and violin old boy!


The Soap Girl said...

I thought it was a "bitch slap." Tomato Tomawto.

Anonymous said...

aka "pimp slap", "matrimonial peacemaker", "knuckle sandwich", "chin music", "instant justice", "five fingered kiss", "knuckle knowledge" ... but I've never heard it called a "back slap"... I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.


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