Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 25

Patty pulls ANOTHER switcheroo; Jana & Lauren take a carousel ride; and Nick takes the heat for Adam's murder. It's also Contest Time!!

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Here's a quick pic of our fab-u-lous prize


Adam said...

I love the new logo/mug! I almost want to ask if the Moustache disappears with hot water(or contract disputes) like those old Star Trek mugs did :) Hated that they immediately shunted Jana from Hostage to stroke victim. Isn't it time to torture ANOTHER character? Like Mac or Neil or someone?

The Soap Girl said...

I think we're supposed to feel BAD, and torturing Neil would bring way too many of us great joy. I'm just hoping that with Nick going to prison this gives us a chance to bring back Warden!!!!!