Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Podcast Week 28

Phyllis finally gives Nick the boot (and not the stiletto cornfield kind); Chance and Heather investigate each others' underwear; and Cricket returns at an awkward moment.

The Young and the Restless Recap: Week 28

How are you feeling about the story and character shifts? Seems like some shake-ups happening. Leave a comment or add us on Facebook (or do BOTH!).


Anonymous said...

These confessions overheard in Genoa City: "Bless me Father for I have sinned. I've never been to confession, but the GC Kabbalah temple is closed:"
1) Mrs. C -> I've blinded three people (including Murph) with my outrageously brights tops and outfits. We seniors love our bright colors, but my clothes are brighter than God's sun.
2) Abbey -> I've sickened untold numbers of people by exposing them to my short, stumpy and flat chested body. GC is not the Garden of Eden and I am no Eve.
3) Jack -> For being a "man whore"... and liking it.
4) Nick -> Using more than my share of Pommade (Google search it)at the GC jail. God knows the "dry" look is out, but when the other inmates start calling you "KY"... well, you're being over the top.
5) Sophia -> For harboring two baby seals in my top... and letting Malcom play with them when he want.
6) Jill -> For worshiping the unholy trinity of Virginia (Slims), Jack (Daniels) and unnumerable Mr. Johnsons.
7) Nina and Paul -> for causing severe illness in two women in Portland, OR. with our love scene. God gave Adam and Eve furs when they left the Garden of Eden for a reason.


Anonymous said...

A to the men!


Anonymous said...

"Stiletto Cornfield Boots" sounds like a hipster band name. Or a really dirty sex act.

The Soap Girl said...

No way. Every modern woman needs several pairs of stilettos for different purposes: cooking, cleaning, shopping, and cornfield detective work.

And Evetz: I haven't even noticed Mrs. C's flamboyant outfits! I'm going to have to pay more attention to my favorite blingy elder.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, come on... I know it's summer with massive doobage requiring u to wear ur Bono tints most of the time... but have Thor buy a color tv... my goodness she about blinds me with some of those outfits... Amanda can i get an 'Amen' on this?

Some Kind Of Funky! said...

I just started listening to your podcast at work and I know people can hear me laughing my ass off. I love you two! Keep it up!!!

The Soap Girl said...

I think my love for glittery, fabulous old lady outfits makes me immune to the outrageousness. Amanda can back me up on that. So can the goldleaf Jessica Simpson heels I fondled for an hour at the shoe store yesterday.