Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ok - we are set to record our Best & Worst of 2010 podcast next week (and a regular recap). Tell us what YOU think about some of the categories! We'll make sure to give you all some shout outs :)

Best Hair/Worst Hair

Best Outfit/Worst Outfit

Best Storyline/Worst Storyline

Best Recast/Worst Recast

Best Love Scene/Worst Love Scene

Biggest Shocker

Best Couple/Worst Couple

Most Competent/Most Incompetent (you know this is my favorite)


Christina said...

Worst Love Scene: Chance and Heather. Terribly yuck.

Most Incompetent: Jana. Every year is a bad year for her character, and each year she gets more and more pathetic. Brain tumor, kidnapped, etc. Trapped in an abandoned amusement park in a cage? She can never help herself.

The Soap Girl said...

So what do you think about Heather and Ronan? Do you buy it?

Christina said...

I only watched a few scenes from December 14, but they both seem pretty sad and pathetic. I don't know what either of them has to gain at this point.

The Soap Girl said...

Seriously. I think the idea is that they are both hard and closed off emotionally but they can learn to loveeeeeeee. I sure like him better than chance, but she drives me nuts!

Christina said...

Yeah I have to agree with you on both counts. I'm not a fan of this new Heather, and Ronan is annoying because he has no will to live. All in all, it's a very boring storyline.

Bridget said...

Best love scene Billy + Victoria in Victor's office. Worst is anything w/ Nick and Dianne.

Worst recast: Noah. I liked the old Noah: both the actor and the character. Nothing against the new actor.
Best recast really was last year w/ Adam. Although the old Adam was decent new one is a star.

Worst hair: as you've pointed out, Lauren. Best hair: Phylis

Best couple: I like Michael and Lauren.

Shocker: Nicki and Deacon. Nicki's story line has been decent lately (the first time I've said that in probably 10 years!)

Most competent: Phylis, Least competent: so, so many to choose from! Don't forget Cricket when you pick that winner. Coming back on the show just to be incompetent!

The Soap Girl said...

Ah so many good points, Bridget! I agree that the old Noah was better (and more competent!). I totally forgot about Cricket spilling all the secrets.

Do you like Phyllis's old hair or new hair better? I have always said she's got great hair, but Amanda said it's "Too Perfect" - haha!

Nick and Diane are definitely a new gross out for me...not that either is unattractive, but something about it makes me feel uncomfortable :)

Bridget said...

I like Phylis' new hair. I think her decent hair is supposed to be in contrast to Sharon's bad hair. Character development through hair!

Some Kind Of Funky said...

I have to agree with Christina. Jana was the first person I thought of when you listed "Worse Hair". She looks like a bird to me.

BubuBORG said...

Best Hair: Phyllis!
/Worst Hair: Victoria! Please, honey, have Billy buy you a comb! Conditioner! Something!

Best Outfit: Every single thing Gloria wore at Gloworm. She's such a magpie with the sparklies!

Worst Outfit: Who else wants to burn every single sweater vest Nick owns?

Best Storyline: You know, Meggie giving Nikkie "Shmoovies" and being all femme fatale really shook things up. AND, even though I HATED the Lipstick Lauren Saga, having Daisy come back pregnant caused a lot of drama around her, so...ehhhhh....

Worst Storyline: Chance/Heather/Police corruption plot. One great big "Who Cares?"

Best Recast: Marcy Rylan as Abby! The Naked Heiress was a hit (If Daddy would only give her the money to produce it...)

Worst Recast: Eddie Winslow is a poor substitute for Shemar Moore as Malcolm. NEXT!

Best Love Scene Jack laying Phyllis out on the table at Restless Style for what was clearly hatesex. Damn!

Worst Love Scene Diane/Nick. DO. NOT. WANT.

Biggest Shocker: Tucker is Kay's Son!!!

Best Couple Billy and Victoria ^_^
Worst Couple JT an Mac for sheer boredom. Bleh.

Most Competent: Tucker! He's getting all sorts of sex from those Genoa Girls and none of them (except for Abby) even suspect! He was a total pimp this year! And Oh yeah, He stole Chancellor Industries from his OWN MOM!

Most Incompetent: Chance, Chance, and, Oh, did I mention Chance? Chance just speechifying while being totally oblivious to reality, was especially painful to watch.

The Soap Girl said...

AH! Some Kind of Funky you don't like Jana's hair?! It's one of my favorites! Although I can see where you're coming from on the bird comment...

BubuBORG - great list! I never even thought about Tucker being most competent, but you've got a good point. His sneakiness seems pretty well done...none of the living room dna test tube switcheroo crap we've been stuck with before.

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