Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ok - we are set to record our Best & Worst of 2010 podcast next week (and a regular recap). Tell us what YOU think about some of the categories! We'll make sure to give you all some shout outs :)

Best Hair/Worst Hair

Best Outfit/Worst Outfit

Best Storyline/Worst Storyline

Best Recast/Worst Recast

Best Love Scene/Worst Love Scene

Biggest Shocker

Best Couple/Worst Couple

Most Competent/Most Incompetent (you know this is my favorite)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Podcast Episode 35

Meggie is out; Daniel is Daisy's baby daddy but won't be wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" shirt; and Sharon accepts Nick's marriage proposal...for now.

The Young & the Restless Recap: Episode 35

Sorry for the delay. You can thank Verizon for not letting us know that they no longer service internet in our state. We'll podcast the next episode soon, and the BEST OF 2010 during the winter break! Thanks for listening! Love your comments!