Friday, March 4, 2011

Episode 39

Meggie returns; Sohpia and Neil finally give in; and Genoa City singles bemoan Valentine's Day.

The Young & the Restless Recap: Episode 39


GCfan said...

I can't wait until this lawsuit storyline ends. On to new things, please.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I've been on assignment finding out what our favorite GC characters are doing when they are not "doing" each other. Check it out:
Traci Abbott is writing a script for a movie called "Funeral Crashers."

Veetor Newman is putting the finishing touches on his latest tome titled "Buy 'em, Break 'em and Brand 'em - How to make and mark a woman as yours."

Sofia is starting a nationwide chain of florists called "STD Florists." Her corporate motto - "For when 'the gift that keeps on giving' just isn't enuff."

Chance is shooting a documentary called "On the Down Low" - my life in the witness protection program. (Unfortunately he released it before he got out.)

Meggie is writing a fashion column for the GC jail newspaper. Two of her columns: "Tanktops for while you're in the tank" and "Wife beaters for spousal abusers."

Lastly, Malcom is shooting a series of public service "rap" announcements called "Knockers - the proper way to pound on a door."

Unfortunately for youse...
You're never far from my mind,

The Soap Girl said...

Haha knockers!

I wish i was witty enough to come up with one for Nick. Obviously tools are involved...

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