Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Episode 43

Ashley takes the blame for Abby's drunk driving; Cane's evil twin drives Lily insane; and Sharon is loving life in a barn.

The Young & the Restless Recap: Episode 43

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Anonymous said...

Great podcast! I liked the addition of the "Brewski Bros." on the show... so much so I listened to the cast with my friend "Mr. Daniels"... you may know him as "Jack". We came up with the following observations:
1) Can't they find the little plaque they nailed on the tree for Sharon's/Ashley's faux baby and use it for Jana... put it up in the old amusement park... then kind of have a fun day in memory of her?
2) Since the "governator" is in so much trouble with his "dopplewanger" (aka 'lil Arnold), couldn't they throw him a 'bone' to help him get back in the biz? Like they did with the Hasselhoff and Eric Roberts... capitalize on the accent and make him some kind of Nazi looking for what happened to Jana?
3) Love your forward thinking about a replacement in case of the demise of Y&R... Matlock... maybe... but how about... Baywatch! Can't go wrong with beach, ta ta's and "the Hass".

Jack and 'Vetz

The Soap Girl said...

My husband suggested a Matlock recap the other day. I'm not shoving that idea aside....

Anonymous said...

I'm really much more of a Murder, She Wrote kind of girl.

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