Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adam has bionic blindness; Deacon knows what women like; and Victor is OUT!

The contest is still rolling for another week, but we had to give you an update on Eric Braeden being written OUT!

(BTW had a slight technical problem and there are 20 minutes of silence at the end - just ignore it!)

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 11


Anonymous said...

Top 10 things I learned from this weeks 'cast':
10) Donate body parts; cremation the way to go.
9)Nick is 'every man' thinking with the wrong 'head'.
8) Ashley's 'girls' are not full.
7) As a teen I should've gone for 'side' boob instead of a frontal.
6) Show needs a robot/villain to: a) replace Victor and b) make it more "tech savy."
5) Balloons - bad, bad, bad.
4) If we did a week for Colleen, we need to do at least a month for Victor.
3) No wimpy convulsions. Victor needs a manly way out. (Threesome with Ashley and Nikki????)
2)'Radio Free Y&R' brought to those less fortunate countries by Lindsey and Amanda.
1) Balloons really, really bad.

If they cancel Y&R, just make up a show and talk about it. I need my fix.


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies. I haven't listened to your podcast the past two weeks, but my husband and I love it. We are so glad that someone thinks/wonders the same things that we do. Sorry if this was mentioned already, but how does Adam move around hospitals, psych wards, etc. and is supposed to be blind? What the heck. I'm tired of him :-) Keep up the great work!

Regina, NC

The Soap Girl said...

Wow! your husband listens? now that's a MAN!

Aaron said...

I have to say, this week's Y & R was not much to be excited about. Am I the only one who doesn't see anything between Chloe and Chance. I know he is supposed to be into her, but I'm not seeing it at all. She doesn't even seem to be torn between him and Billy. I wouldn't be surprised if they have Chance realize that Chloe is using him and somehow he moves on to Lily (which you know will make Chloe jealous) And then they could have a love pentagon between Chloe, Chance, Billy, Lily, and Cane. Even though I'm not a fan of Lily's, I kind of would want them to hook up so I could call them "Chilly". I know, I'm a dork.

The Soap Girl said...

HAHA Chilly! Good one. Although that makes we wonder if Cane spells his name with a C or a K? Which could make it "Killy" (which those pushing for Lilly's speedy recovery might not think is so funny).

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