Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 12: Contest results announced!

Scooby Do Mystery solved; Billy & Chance spar over scrabble; and Deacon is still a stud.

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 12

I profusely apologize for any sound mishaps on this one. It's all my fault (and thus makes my already "less than smooth" radio voice more annoying). We do, however, announce contest results! Thanks so much to everyone who entered! We will definitely do it again! Feel free to make comments - it makes this whole thing more fun!


Anonymous said...

Great contest! Thank you for doing that. I was listening to the 'cast' while running and slowed down to hear the winner. Unfortunatley, I was crossing a busy intersection and a driver gave me a 'beep' to hurry up. (I don't think he was too mad as he singnaled I was 'number one' in his book.)
The next contest should have something to do with Victor. How about a 'moustache warmer' (just thought this up). Could go across the upper lip and tie in the back of your head. Women might want to place elsewhere (use your imagination!)
Amanda we must have met in a former life. First 'skate key' and now the "T word" for female genitalia. Not heard that since high school.
Lindsey be careful camping. Avoid spiders, don't go out in a boat by yourself and if Peter Bergman offers to give you CPR 1) ask for Deacon or 2) revive yourself.
Lastly, following Devon (Barbra, Madonna, Elvis etc.) I will simply be known as "Evetz" (with a "z").

Have a great couple weeks. Thanks again.


The Soap Girl said...

Thanks Evetz! Maybe the next Project Runway challenge can be designing a stage look for your new persona.

I'll take CPR from Deacon any day! (although it's my last name so I guess I can pretty much give it to myself...hmmmm).

Aaron said...

Am I the only one that thinks the Genoa City Police Department clearly sucks? They were ready to arrest dear sweet Gloria and Jeffery for conspiracy to steal the painting, but no one ever mentioned ACTUALLY arresting the man who ACTUALLY was trying to steal it. Don't get me wrong, I want Deacon to stick around (minus the ridiculous sideburns)but I think that after everything he put Daniel and Amber through with the whole Ryder murder confession thing, that one of them would try to use the info they finally have on him to stick it to him. Dang, even in Scooby Doo cartoons the bad guy got hauled down to the station at the end of the episode. Not in good ol' GC.

By the way, Congrats Skye! I expect you to post your favorite recipe on the blog so we losers can pretend for a fleeting moment that we have been invited to a dinner party at Kay, Murphy, Esther, Jill, Chance, Chloe, and Delia's big house on the hill. On second thought, considering the guestlist,better make that Breakfast with Victor. Ah who are we kidding. We're screwed!

The Soap Girl said...

I want to eat Gina's Lasagna with Deacon in his Athletic Club suite.

Mike said...

I'm so glad you brought up Mari Jo Mason. I think the similarities between her and Mary Jane Benson were intentional when they originally brought Patti back because I thought that's who Mary Jane was going to turn out to be. (Of course, it was odd that Victor would team up with the crazy lady who shot him -- but Victor wasn't exactly making sense anyway?) So for me, at least, she was the obvious red herring, and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be somebody else, though I wish that if they had brought her up during all of this.

Also, I feel like even though they're getting rid of Victor, they won't be so stupid to do it permanently. We can hope, at least.

The Soap Girl said...

How is it that I can't actually remember who Mari Jo Mason was though? Either I was too young, or I have memory loss b/c I have been consistently watching since about 1991, and even before then I was still getting snippets...

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