Sunday, January 17, 2010

BIG WEEK!! Chance gets framed; Adam STILL has bionic blindness; and Dr. Taylor meets his untimely demise.

The Young and the Restless Recap: Week 18

Major shocking revelations! What a week!

And with us being so wrapped up in recapping all the events, we totally forgot to mention that Victor returned in the last two seconds of Friday's episode. The Mustache is back!


Anonymous said...

Jobs... yes... we at Genoa City have the following openings:
Police -> anyone with a clue, able to find a clue... knows what a clue is... PLEASE apply.
Doctor -> medical degree optional; morals, ethics, scruples helpful, but not necessary.
Beer drinking "etiquitteer" -> advanced 'swillage' degree NEEDED; how to hold, drink from a BOTTLE; knowledge of brands helpful; green bottle imbibers need not apply.
Asst. DA -> mole required, not negotiable; law degree optional; pay based on conviction quota.
Geneologist -> requiring overtime hours; accuracy, detail minded person helpful, but not necessary.
White board security -> bold personality; willing to defend 'white board agenda' during podcast; stern, aggressive nature a must; applicants ask for Amanda.

Congrats on the 10K... most impressive... thanks...


Anonymous said...

Love the GC Classifieds but there have to be some openings for DNA testers-speed essential!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.... yes... also had an opening for a CPR educator, but just got an application from a woman in Portland, OR.


Anonymous said...

Tucker's hair looks like Bea Arthur's in the later episodes of the Golden Girls.

(Tad on All my Children is rockin' the Bea hair too).

Love the podcast ladies!!

The Soap Girl said...

Ahhhhh! Jenny! You crack me UP!!!!

Adam said...

Speaking of asst. DAs: Jan. 19 ep showed Billy getting ravished by heather. The Evil Mole Strikes AGAIN!!!!

The Soap Girl said...

Amanda just informed me that the embedded player for this post wasn't working, so I just fixed it - sorry about the mishap!!!!

Amanda said...

Ironic that the first few minutes we complain about technical difficulties in getting started.

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