Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tucker is the new BMOC; Daisy makes a mean cup of tea; and Restless Style should change it's name to Victor's Style.

The Young and the Restless Recap: Week 19

By the way, we totally forgot to mention that Billy and Heather had an afternoon hook-up. It will probably be important later!
"No one can deny my sexy mole."


Anonymous said...

Cold out? Curl up with a good... book... checkout one of these from the GC bestsellers list:
10) "I hate Valentine's Day" by Esther Valentine
9) "The Devil's Beard: The Tucker McCall Story" by Mothah Tucker
8) "Enjoying the Ride to the Top... or Near the Top... or Just Enjoying the Ride" by Jill Foster Abbott
7) "Kind of an Oiliness: A Man's Guide to Grooming" by Nicholas Newman
6) "Dinner Parties: Serving Up Your Guests" by Victor Newman
5) "Sucking at Motherhood... and Not Caring" by Victoria Newman Hellstrom
4) "Die or be Done: What to Talk About Once the Big 'C" is Gone" by Lily Winters Ashby
3) "Motherly Cravings and What to do When He Says 'Hell No!'" by Amber Moore Romalotti
2) "Doves Out the Butt: Planning a Wedding to Remember" by Jack Abbott, Chloe Mitchell Abbott and Dr. Emily Peterson
1) "Hot Sex in Paradise: Setting Your Man on Fire" by Eden Gerick

Enjoy the reads and remember... Guys always wanna bang twins.... ;)


The Soap Girl said...

I'm laughing uncontrollably right now, Evetz...especially on #1 & #2. TOOOOO FUNNNNY!

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