Sunday, December 5, 2010

Podcast Episode 35

Meggie is out; Daniel is Daisy's baby daddy but won't be wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" shirt; and Sharon accepts Nick's marriage proposal...for now.

The Young & the Restless Recap: Episode 35

Sorry for the delay. You can thank Verizon for not letting us know that they no longer service internet in our state. We'll podcast the next episode soon, and the BEST OF 2010 during the winter break! Thanks for listening! Love your comments!


Anonymous said...

Time and Evetz wait for no man... or... woman. My top most memorable/good/bad/ugly moments from the '10:

Best 'girls' -> Sharon is always firm here. Neens is massive. Heather is a nice addition. But it goes to Sofia. As Johnny Carson once told Dolly Part 'em... "I'd give a weeks wages to peek under your top."

Relax girls in this pc world... next category is 'boys', beefcake and buns. My female friends tell me they wouldn't mind Roanin roamin' all over 'em. 'Nuff said.

Nastiest love scene -> Tucker and Jill (V Slims, 'whickie' and stale sex is bad) and Phyllis and Deacon dumpster diving (can you say body condom)... but this flaccid creating moment goes to ... Paul and Neens... Sausage biscuit with cheese anyone?

Recurring laughable moment -> Mrs. C's neon tops... nope... Esther still forced to wear her maid's garb... nope... Daniel (or Danielle) running during the open credits... "You go girl!"

Lastly, best plot line -> Forget Chase and his virginity or Dr. Patty with her man hands... nope... for me it's caged Janna and... anyone. My mind will do the rest.

Happy happy... Merry merry... you know where the mistletoes hangin'.


The Soap Girl said...

"You Go Girl!" Love it. When did that scene even happen? We'll be posting our categories in the next couple days - but you forgot my favorite category: "Most Incompetent"!

Anonymous said...

Re.: most incompetent.
I would like to make this a lifetime achievement award given to Paul Weems. Then retire this category until such time as he leaves the show. He has no worthy challengers!


Anonymous said...

Lastly, tops podcast moments. From 2009 -> when you two talked about the Paul Williams trophy (hand held sideways with thumb out) for incompetence and mediocrity. A 30+ year career as a PI and never having solved a case.
From 2010 -> Amanda speaking for all of us when she voiced her frustration with the Lilly/cancer saga: "Either get over it or die!"

;~) vetz

The Soap Girl said...

OMG she DID NOT say that, did she? :D

My favorite Amanda quote was about Tracy, "Granted, you never get over the death a child and blah blah blah..."

Usually I feel like she is the PC one and I'm always putting my foot in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

In my defense...okay I have no defense.


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