Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best and Worst of 2010!

The Young and the Restless Recap: Best and Worst of 2010!

Thanks for your patience AND your awesome feedback on the last post. We are going to announce a new contest as soon as we can come up with a good prize idea. We'll post the current recap episode tomorrow afternoon.


The Soap Girl said...

Crap I forgot to get my husband to edit the recap tonight. I'll post it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why you are so happy to see a "big" girl (Sofia) on tv as you said a couple of times. I like Sofia, but being overweight is not healthy! why should it be considered to be a good rolemodel because you are overweight?? It is as bad a rolemodel as someone underweirght.

The Soap Girl said...

Ok being someone who works out constantly, I totally agree with you. On the other hand, it just seems nice that for as cut throat as Showbiz can be, they can hire someone who strays from the norm. Great question!
On a side note, the rumor we had heard in the past was that the old Colleen was canned because of her weight. But really, put anyone next to that string bean Prof Korbel and they'll look disproportionate! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Just as being overweight isn't healthy, neither is being a total slut (Sharon, Phyllis, Nick, Jill), psychologically abusive (Victor, Jana) or an emotional blackmailing manipulator (Victoria, Abby, Nina). No one watches soaps for the role models. I just like that Sophia is outside the size norm and rocks it.

The Soap Girl said...

Yeah I am a tad surprised that Jack doesn't have some form of herpes...but then again, I love bringing up the whole Kevin gives Lily chlamydia storyline in the 90s.

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