Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 17

Sharon and Adam get hitched Newman plane crash style; Dr. P is a runner up for next year's incompetence award; and Billy needs a court-mandated breathalyzer.

The Young and the Restless Recap: Week 17

Settle it for us: Does Billy smell good or not so good when he's on a whiskey bender?


Anonymous said...

Genoa City New Years's resolutions:
Billy-> will only drink on days ending in 'y'.
Chloe-> fo not allow Esther to pick put my 'mainz' Christmas gift ever again.
Newman air pilots-> will have "Sully" Sullenberger (Hudson River hero) teach us crash landing techniques.
Newmans-> only allow "Sully" Sullenberger to pilot planes 'we' are on.
Nick-> promise to see "Sharin" only as often as I was my hair.
Phyll-> only allow Nick to see 'Sharin' on days he washes his hair.
Jill-> go from two to one 1) pack of V Slims a day 2) bottles of bourbon a day 3) sex with... er... forget '3'.
Paul -> (same as last year and year before and...) solve a case.
Amber-> promise to trim li'l baybee D's side burns (you know he/she has 'em) regularly.

Happy New Year... keep up the great "casts"... love this episodes' comments on Phyllis talking in front of Dr. P... hilarious.

Your humble servant,

Anonymous said...

Also, on Billy's stench... Amanda may be correct on cologne overriding booze (though I wish I had this when I was younger), but no way you could do anything about booze breath... add some ciggies and day old (minute old?) sex smell and you have Jill.


The Soap Girl said...

Well then it makes sense right - since Billy is Jill's son? The genetics must be a major factor. Now if Billy could get a pair of stilettos and diamond earrings from some old tycoon and then we've got a STORY!

And Paul's resolution SHOULD be getting a life coach. Maybe some professional could pull him out of his incompetent lifestyle...just think, Paul doing yoga and drinking tea everyday. Sounds plausible.

Amanda said...

Just for the record, in case this podcast raised some questions--I have never been, nor am I now, a stripper, exotic dancer or in the adult entertainment industry. BUT if I was, I would be out and proud about it!

The Soap Girl said...

It must have sounded particularly offensive when I said it was degrading then, right? :P

Adam said...

Forgot about whisky/ciggy breath. Ugh. Still, I'm kind of becoming a Billy Miller fan. He just looks like he's having a ball playing this schmuck.

Speaking of actors, I've seen a number of Y&R actors doing web series lately. The actors playing Chloe and Kevin had supporting roles in "Imaginary Bitches" and I saw Vail Bloom(Heather, who I immediately felt bad for after I said she cries every night. It's so true!) playing a femme fatale in "Angel of Death" (this is all imdb's fault) and Noah and Sharon in "Poor Paul". I saw Sharon Case's REAL FACE! :-O

Anonymous said...

Billy Abbott or Billy or character...drunk or sober....they all smell good and I would love to get a wiff of him any day. HOT, HOT and HOT again.


The Soap Girl said...

Yeah I think I changed my mind when I found that pic that I posted. It IS pretty sexy!

Adam said...

Two words, dear: Naughty Boxers.

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