Monday, April 26, 2010

The Young & the Restless Recap: Week 24

Everyone wants to claim responsibility for Adam's murder; Patty and Lauren dopplegangers team up; and Murphy flexes his muscles.

I think you will realize about halfway through that we have way too much fun doing this podcast. Sorry about that...we really love hearing what your thoughts are! Leave a comment here or on the blog - OR BOTH! :D

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Anonymous said...

This week’s podcast has spurred some serious Public Service Announcements. Here they are:

PSA – "Talking to the police"
Hello I play Victor Newman on the Y & R and as you know I always say what I mean and mean what I say. That’s why I’m here to tell you the next time the police come to your house on a domestic violence call… make sure you tell them you “back slapped” your mate, child or neighbor. They will understand this to mean you “congratulated” them on something and leave. This does not apply in Genoa City or with a particular woman in Oregon. (Victor chuckles as he holds up his hands which are handcuffed.)

PSA – "Photo ops"
Summer and Reed speak to using a police “mug” shot as a “photo op”. As they are talking, in the background you see the height lines indicating they are both over six feet tall. In closing they opine: “Remember whenever there’s a camera around… there’s a photo op… bye.”

PSA – "Child Custody"
JT and Victoria are featured. They remind viewers not everyone should be a parent. So when the custody hearing is scheduled, a good way to get out of custody is to get arrested the night before. You can tell the child(ren) later that there was a “cosmic conspiracy” against you and that you really wanted them. JT says “Just because you have an adult body…. (And Victoria closes) … doesn’t mean you're an adult.”

PSA – "Plastic Surgery"
Hello I’m Lindsay “Slingshot” Deacon and I’m Amanda Smith. You may recognize us as the stars of the Y&R Update Podcasts. Lindsay says “As you know acting is pretending.” Amanda says “But now you don’t have to pretend to be someone else (she removes a mask of her original face to reveal she is now “Pea Shooter” Smith/Deacon –exact replica of Lindsay. They look at each other and say “Plastic surgery because - life’s too short to pretend.”

Hello, this is Evetz. Remember… love and support the Y&R Update podcasts… they’ve earned it.

The Soap Girl said...

Evetz - you truly make me laugh everytime. And clearly, we LOVE to laugh.

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